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A note to all the wonderful artists and contributors out there that make the IKN what it is:


To everyone that has ever donated to the IKN before.  Thank you for all your support and sending of images.  Without your help this page would never have gotten any hits (well not many at least).  I look forward every day to opening my inbox and finding a new Sheila image.  I do regret though the long time that the IKN has gone without update.  I promise to try and mend this error by keeping up with the updates on a bi-weekly basis.  Your feedback is always welcome and wanted.

There were many many many Sheila pictures that came to me over the year that I had let the page go to disrepair, and while I put up as many as I could, I couldn't fit everyone to their images.  In other words, there's a pile of images lying around on my hard drive that I either don't know who drew them, or I don't remember (both Fred Art and Fan Art).  Please, if you know you e-mailed me an image to put on the website and you don't see it in the update, e-mail me again, and I promise I'll put the image up on the very next update (which should come a lots sooner than the last.


Thanks again!  All your donations really mean a lot to me.