Welcome to the Fred Art section of the IKN!  This is of course where Sheila art commissioned off of Fred ends up.  

To see who donated an image, leave your mouse over the thumbnail and a text box should pop up giving you the donor's name and a brief description of the picture.

 A note to all donors/artists.  Please read.

If you donated an image, and you decide you want it removed, or if I screwed up and said your commission was donated by someone else, e-mail me at stealthkat@endmail.com and I will correct the error IMMEDIATLY (hey...I'm only human...).
Donated by StealthKat, My first Fred commission... Donated by Larry Linthicum, Sheila in 2 forms, hybrid on human Donated by Brak, Another Sheila on Sheila...cute :) Donated by StealthKat, SK hugging Sheila :)
Donated by Shelby Hepner, Sheila in Hyper Police gear (so I'm told) Donated by MadPuffin, WOW!! Brit and Sheila in itsy bitsy, teeny weenie, leaving nothing to the imagination bikinies... :)    

Thanks to everyone that donated a picture!

If you have a commission from Fred and would like it posted, give me permission by e-mailing me at stealthkat@endmail.com    THANKS!

All artwork on this section of the page is copyrighted and drawn by Fred Perry.