Welcome to the IKN!  Now stop drooling :)

Welcome to the Infinite KAPOWIE Network!!


Let's face it, if you're here, you're either a Gold Digger Fan, a Fred Perry fan, or a Sheila Fan boy (or I guess you could have gotten the wrong address but I doubt it).  Me, I'm all three, which is why I made, and am in the process of making this Sheila Shrine.  Please, if you have any Sheila art (your own or Fred's) send it to me at stealthkat@endmail.com .


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Last Updated: 09 October 2000

(Fan Art and Links updated)

Where do you want to go today?

See that post Sheila is leaning on?  Well it tells you where to go, BUT if you have any problems with it, these links below should suffice

FRED ART         FAN ART         LINKS


Special thanks to Lionheart who drew the above 2 images, and the below link image, this place wouldn't look spiffy without his work!


Sheila says "LINK ME!"  (if I were you I'd listen to her)  Link me...or else...

Gold Digger and Sheila are copyrights of Fred Perry

StealthKat is copyrighted to himself